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Herbology: The Circle of Life

“Our relationship to plants represented by the term ‘herbalism’ may be the descendant of a way of thinking and set of beliefs that are probably older than all other spiritual and religious beliefs.

Our reliance on plant cultivation for sustenance, medicine and shelter have profoundly shaped who we are as humans and how we interact with each other and the Earth.

As the ancient Eleusinians knew, plants eloquently teach us the mysteries of death and rebirth, as over the endless cycle of seasons, they are perennially disassembled and reassembled. No matter how hard and long the winter, plants again flourish with boundless enthusiasm, energy and beauty to become the fundamental expression of Spring.

On the other hand, we cannot escape the incontrovertible fact that life feeds on life, and that without inevitable temporal loss there would be no renewal. From our perspective, what is eternal, therefore, is the power of plants to ceaselessly recycle the elements of life. Thus, cosmically, it is impossible to take away and diminish from wholeness,” writes Dr. Michael Tierra.

Dr. Michael Tierra L.AC., O.M.D., founder of the American Herbalists Guild, is author of numerous books on health and herbal healing including The Way of Herbs, The Natural Remedy Bible, The Way of Chinese Herbs and Planetary Herbology.

Author bio: Dr. Tierra founded the American Herbalists Guild and co-founder of the American School of Botanical Medicine. Read Dr. Tierra’s bio.