Why this Little Known Herb, Chuchuhuasi, is an Amazonian Powerhouse Painkiller

Why this Little Known Herb, Chuchuhuasi, is an Amazonian Powerhouse Painkiller



The last few days have been pretty bad in terms of pain levels, so I dug through the good old herbal medicine and decided to give the Chuchuhuasi another try. 

I'm really impressed with the results, and so I wanted to share this amazing herb from the Amazon Rainforest with you all today. 

This is an herb that is uncommon in the States but a number of folks are looking for holistic alternatives to pain meds and are finding relief from arthritis pain.

What is Chuchuhuasi?

Chuchuhuasi is a supplement that utilizes the potent properties of the Chuchuhuasi tree, found in the Amazon jungle. Used for centuries as a natural way to reduce aches and pains, this supplement has both scientific evidence and customer testimonials to support its amazing healing properties. And, unlike other supplements, Chuchuhuasi contains no fillers, giving users the full dose of the supplement so they get the most benefits from the treatment.

Chuchuhuasi is made from the extract of the Chuchuhuasi tree. The bark of this tall, Amazonian tree has been used by tribes and other natives in the jungle for centuries for its amazing healing capabilities. While the secret of the Chuchuhuasi tree was mostly kept to those ancient tribes, the past few decades have seen it reemerge has an amazing option for those who want a natural way to fight pain.

Over the decades, several studies have been done on Chuchuhuasi. While the pain relieving properties of the tree bark were praised by tribes and other locals, after much research, these studies concluded that there is a powerful healing property in the bark. Not only was Chuchuhuasi found to offer several healing properties, but scientists found that the bark could actually do more than was originally expected.

While Chuchuhuasi was always used to treat pain, specifically pains of the joints and muscles, studies found that the extract from the tree bark actually works as a stimulant. In this manner, Chuchuhuasi is able to increase cognitive function and improve general well-being in those who take it. On top of working to improve things like memory and energy levels, Chuchuhuasi was also found to be a powerful muscle relaxant. Relaxing the tension in muscles is one of the ways the extract is able to relieve pain in users.

Extracts of Chuchuhuasi aren’t only good for offering relief from pain and cognitive fatigue, it also offers users a boost in their immune system. Those who take Chuchuhuasi were found to recover faster from certain illnesses, when they actually got sick. The more Chuchuhuasi was taken, the less these illnesses were experienced. As an immune booster, Chuchuhuasi is invaluable. However, those who know about the supplement and have studied it always come back to the way it relieves pain.

Benefits of Chuchuhuasi

Again, one of the biggest benefits of Chuchuhuasi is that it is able to relieve pain. However, a benefit that is often overlooked by those who are considering the supplement is that it is completely natural. While many other pain relievers contain chemicals and other questionable ingredients, the Chuchuhuasi supplement only contains Chuchuhuasi extract. Not only does this make the supplement more effective, but it also able to be used by almost anyone, even those with sensitive constitutions.

Chuchuhuasi has many benefits that have been found to be effective for treating a wide variety of conditions. Some of these conditions include:

  • Rheumatic Disease

  • Endocrine Disease

  • Liver Disease

  • Angina

  • Arthritis

  • Sports Injuries

  • Pain from Bad Posture

  • Inflammation due to Obesity

  • Pain due to Lack of Physical Activity

For those who are experiencing or have experienced any of the pains or conditions mentioned above, Chuchuhuasi might be the solution for them.

Over the years, the many benefits of Chuchuhuasi have been studied and researched over and over again. Every time a new study is done, something else is discovered about the amazing properties of Chuchuhuasi. At the moment, the benefits of Chuchuhuasi include:

  • Relief of Back Pain

  • Relief of Joint Pain

  • Relief of Rheumatism

  • Relief of Arthritis Pain

  • Balance of the Glandular System

  • Revitalization of the Glandular System

  • Decreases Stomach Pains

  • Alleviates Menstrual Cramps

  • Boosts the Immune System

  • Relaxes Muscles

  • Provides Support for Sports Injuries

  • Eliminates Lactic Acid in Muscles

  • Regulates Hormonal Balance in the Muscles

Because Chuchuhuasi offers such a wide variety of benefits for so many conditions, many people find that taking it every day helps improve their general wellness within a few days. And, for those who have experienced pain on a daily basis, noticeable improvement is often noticed within a few days, too. Over time, these improvements will get better and better, reaching their full potential after about a month of taking the supplement.

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Adapted from an article originally published on The Supplement Police

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