Alternative to Speciosa - Akuamma for Pain & Sleep Support

Alternative to Speciosa - Akuamma for Pain & Sleep Support


According to Wikipedia: 

Picralima nitida, also referred to as Akuamma, is a tree. P. nitida seeds contain a mixture of alkaloids producing antipyretic and antiinflammatory effects along with analgesia in animal studies.


The dried seeds from this plant are used in traditional medicine throughout West Africa, particularly in Ghana as well as in the Ivory Coast and Nigeria. The seeds are crushed or powdered and taken orally, and are mainly used for the treatment of malaria and as a painkiller.

The akuamma plant produces alkaloids which are known to be effective at pain relief. Among these are pericine and akuammine, among others.


Latin:    Picralima nitida

Family:    Apocynaceae

Parts Used:  Dried seeds

Taste/Energetics:  Extremely bitter, astringent

Properties:  Anxiolytic, sedative, antispasmodic, analgesic, hypotensive

Actions:  This is a pain relieving herb that is starting to become internationally popular in the internet underground due to akuamma’s pain relieving properties.

According to Herbs for Mental Health: 

Akuamma seeds come from the Akuamma tree in Africa where it grows primarily in the Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Ghana.

It has been used to treat malaria, diarrhea and has long been known for its analgesic and muscle relaxing qualities.

Akuamma might be chosen by some one who wants to shift to non-synthetic opiate agonist herbs (such as kratom) for pain relief.

However, there is little in the way of euphoric mood boost which can accompany kratom.  The effect is far more sedative and analgesic.

Dosage:  500 mg to 5 grams, generally in capsule form.  Too bitter to take as powder or as a tea.

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