Detox Your Pineal Gland with Herbal Tea

Detox Your Pineal Gland with Herbal Tea

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Today I’m going to share a curated post from our friends at Anima Mundi! They discuss a really important topic that’s very close to my heart - cleaning the third eye or the pineal gland!

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The size of only a grain of rice, this tiny gland is an essential player as to how we perceive reality, make decisions, perform and how we sleep. A healthy-functioning pineal is essential for psychological development, peak performance, and spiritual awakening.

“Unlike most of our brain, the blood-brain barrier doesn’t isolate the pineal from the rest of our body. Instead, the pineal gets a tremendous amount of blood flow, second only to the kidneys. Surrounded by and immersed in cerebrospinal fluid, this gland camps out in a tiny cave-like area behind and above the pituitary gland.” (R)

The pineal gland secretes melatonin (through the conversion of serotonin), which activates the pituitary gland to release MSH — the melanocyte stimulating hormone that produces melanin. In a study done by British scientist Jennifer Luke back in the 1990s, she discovered high concentrations of fluoride in the pineal gland on her subjects.
 Fluoride, is found in most municipal water around the world, along with antibiotics, pesticides and chemicals. In this study here you find how there are a load of pharmaceuticals and toxins within our water supply, deliberately added, as well as due to poor waste water management and lack of proper filtration. To read more about the truth on tap water, and whats added depending amongst regions in the US, here's a good article

Pesticides and heavy metals within water accumulates in the pineal more than any other part of the body. This accumulation of fluoride forms phosphate crystals, creating a hard shell around the pineal called calcification.

Studies show that pineal gland calcification:

    •    Lowers productions of melatonin

    •    Impairs the sleep-wake cycle

    •    Disrupts the regulation of the circadian rhythm

Fluoridated water is believed to be one of the chief causes of calcification in the pineal gland. Evidence suggests that children reach puberty earlier now as a consequence of fluoridated water. And, fluoride exposure in animal studies has found to decrease melatonin significantly. 

According to a scientific study on the effect of fluoride on the pineal, the average person by the time they are in their mid-thirties has a pineal gland that is more like a small, hard, fluoride-based pebble. 

Simply put, when our pineal gland is calcified, we’re out of balance with our biological functioning.


According to an article on the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Dental Association have been recommending against fluoridation in situations impacting young children. In that same article Dr. Mercola mentions the following negative effects of fluoride ingestion:

Increases lead absorption, dementia, genetic damage and cell death, disrupts synthesis of collagen, bone fractures, increases tumor and cancer rate, hyperactivity and/or lethargy, damages sperm and increases infertility, brain damage and lowered IQ, impairs sleep by impairing melatonin production by your pineal gland, and more.

Support your body’s detoxification with these herbs and foods. There are a lot of supplements out there that also assist in the removal of fluoride. But my mission here is to show you basic raw foods and herbs that support this process, without the use of ultra processed or pharmaceutical based sources.

MORINGA: Moringa has been used as a natural water filter as a solution in many countries where in naturally grows and there is soiled or toxic water. On this article by Academia, a study notes how moringa seed powder and fresh leaves removes first by joining with the particles and sinking to the bottom. Also as an extremely beneficial solution to removing harmful bacteria and toxins from bodies of water. Also, all the other health benefits of Moringa naturally protects the body from potential harm from substances present in water.  

Furthermore, author Christina Sarich writes:

"Activating your pineal gland, or spiritual ‘eye’ and detoxing it are two different things. In essence, the detoxification allows you to remove the crystallized deposits, which keep the gland as a caged bird, or a princess jailed in her own ivory tower. Once the pineal gland is decalcified, you can start to practice things which will help to ‘turn it on’ and amp up natural production of your body’s own psychedelic drug DMT. The actor, Jim Carrey, talks about how thought is responsible for almost all of the suffering we experience, and how he realized this through an activation of his pineal gland."

HOLY BASIL: A plant called Tulsi, or Holy Basil, which grows all over India might just be another answer to defluoridating water in poor countries all over the world. Research scientists at Rajasthan University have discovered that Tulsi can replace some of the more expensive alternatives to fluoride removal. The process is so simple, its downright exciting.

Tulsi (Holy Basil) Found to Cleanse Water of Fluoride

The researchers conducted the experiment in a village of Narketpally Mandal by soaking 75 mg of Holy Basil leaves in 100ml of water that had over 7 parts per million of fluoride. After soaking the leaves in the water for a mere 8 hours, the fluoride was reduced to just 1.1 parts per million. The World Health Organization says that ‘safe’ levels of fluoride in water are no higher than 1 part per million.


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